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Cut down CSW rear-door

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I'm still using my original rear door on my DC conversion.

Just had the window section chopped off and some capping put on.

I'll need to get a swingway carrier at some point because the door/wheel carrier is no being held on by 2 hinges not the full 3. I't been on for about a year and a half now and the weight on the hinges doesn't seem to have made much difference yet.

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I can supply one...

Custom made, galvanised frame and aluminium skin. Looks virtually the same as the one in the top picture. Is a proper bit of kit and is a lot stronger than a cut down standard door.

£150 + vat and postage


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The one in the pic is like a standard NAS rear door, I have one on the back of my challenge truck. Easier to make one out of a normal tailgate than a rear door as the only differences between them are the holes for the side hinges and the hole for the lift up handle to come through for the lock.

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