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ARB Diff questions


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Right, Ive managed to get hold of an ARB locker :D and have a few questions.

  • How do I tell which model it is (it is 24 spline)
  • Any tips on how to remove the diff carrier bearings? my bearing puller wont fit underneath in the small space provided
  • I didn't get a air solenoid with the diff are there any alternitives to the genuine ARB one as its fairly spendy!

Any help would be great!



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Definitely cheaper solenoid alternatives - IIRC the ARB range is 80 - 100 psi and you want a 5mm push fit connection one end and whatever you need for your compressor reservoir the other.

Try Farnel or similar.

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Try ABS or TTC truck trailer part suppliers for air solenoids.

Does it need to be electrically operated? In the past I have fitted manual button operated valves for arb's and air rams etc

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I don't run solenoids on my diff's. I use a 3/2 lever valve. My theory being that an electrical solenoid has more chance of buggering (blown fuse etc) up when it's most vital (i.e. bogged down deep in water or something !)

Here they are :


One of these is the sort of thing you'll need - http://uk.rs-online.com/web/search/searchBrowseAction.html?method=getProduct&R=3896630 - but look around, you'll find them cheaper :)

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You can get suitable manual air valves for about £25.

About two years ago,when the exchange rate was better,I bought several ARB solenoids from the USA.They worked out at £27 each while Devon 4x4 was selling them at £69.

The rate is not so good now,but it may still be worth looking at what they cost in other countries.

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