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Speedo not working

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The only thing i can think of checking would be that the speedo cable is connected properly to your gauge. When mine wasn't the needle wobbled massively, 20mph difference.

To check you need to remove your dash and then ensure that the cable is tight to the back of the speedo.

If that is fitted correctly then it could be a broken cable (How likely - an adult may know!!!) or not fitted correctly at the other end???

Again, hopefully someone more knowledgable will give you a better answer!!!


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get under the gearbox, find the speedo drive cable on vehicles left side of the transfer box, remove the bolt or nut & U shaped retainer plate, pull the cable out of the drive gear shaft, prise the large circular collar up & out of the box, turn it upside down & hopefully if the cable is broken the remains will drop out of the square end of the drive gear, if nothing comes out. it maybe broken at the dash/speedo end.

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