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Rectangular Plate On Propshaft

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I am in the process of repairing my rear propshaft (fitting new UJ's and giving it a coat of paint) and have a quick question regarding the small rectangular plate that sits on the end of the shaft, as the picture below shows it is coming loose, and no longer sits flush with the propshaft main body. post-6447-127981309397_thumb.jpgpost-6447-127981317607_thumb.jpg

What is the purpose of the plate? Does the fact that it is damaged affect the performance of the prop? and can it be removed?

Cheers Sam

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You can put a jubilee clamp around the shaft with the screw part where the plate used to be. This will add some weight at that part of the circumference. If it vibrates you can move it round 30 degrees and try it again. Its hit and miss but you might get it to balance for not much money

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