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Shire LRC green lane day 21st November


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Shire LRC will be running a Green lane day on the 21st of November.

There will be no charge for this and is expected to cover about 100 miles in total. It will be leaving from the Wiltshire area pre booking only. As with most green lane days we cannot guarantee that the routes will be non damaging.

Booking is on a first come first served basis to membership@shirelrc.com. Please include your name a telephone number and your membership when booking.

Many thanks and I hope to see many of you there. Please remember you can join Shire LRC online or on the day.


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We drove the lanes which we intend to use on the 14th, we used a camel trophy 110 and a 130 defender, both of which managed ok. You will end up with scratches to bodywork which is unavoidable. We had a great day and covered about 65 miles in total most of which was off road with a good pub for lunch. We plan to run it as a follow my leader event as some of the tracks are not always distinguishable or clear. If you are booked on information will be sent out by e-mail.

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Sounds good, I did send an e-mail and also book on through the website but haven't heard anything back, I wonder if someone could check if I'm booked on? Hoping to come to Broxhead too which will be my first Shires event.

Your on my list Liam. So consider yourself booked . Meeting information going out soon.


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A few photos from yesterday:








The ground may have been a tad moist in places:


The Triple Crown at Marden that came to our rescue at lunchtime:


It was dark o'clock by the time we finished:


SLRC Green Lanes Nov 2010 by ryskiphotos, on Flickr

A big thanks to TJN and everyone else who mapped out simply miles and miles of lanes.

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