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Portal gear ratios


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you ever felt the weight of simca axels rob :o:o

No but I have heard loads of people complaining about them.

I was contemplating possibly making my own hybrid axles using just the drop box.

Was thinking portals on a budget.

Interested in knowing the drop box gear ratio before going any further than vapor build.

another idea for vapor build was 4wd tractor front axles with huge tyres?

Just thought portal might allow me to keep my old tyres.

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The other problem with the Simca set up is that the drop box is inboard of the swivel giving a huge scrub radius and comprimising the gained ground clearance. I don't know if that could be over come in a custom build, but something like Mog 404 boxes or Hummer boxes may be a better option.

Mog 404 boxes have a 2.13:1 ratio

Hummer boxes have a 1.92:1 ratio

They both still have the problem of only 2 gears, so the axles need to run 'backwards'. The Hummer is smaller and lighter, has more sensible stub pattern, but issues of where to fit brakes. The Mog is bigger and stronger, but has a Mog specific stud pattern and heavy drum brakes.

There's also Volvo and Pinzgauer boxes, but the above are the only ones I've played with in the flesh.

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