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oil pressure sender thread

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Mostly the pressure sensor/switch thread is 1/8" BSP but I have had one that was something different, more like 1/4" or even 3/8". As said above, you should be able to find a spare tapping on the pump cover to stick a pressure gauge into, and gauges usually come with adapter kits - if not, VWP sell them.

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Hi again,

Just checked the 3 pump covers I have in the garage and the 2 smaller ports are definiatly 1/2" UNF, one of these has the oil pressure switch in it.

Still not sure about the larger one but measuring the plug from it it looks like 9/16" UNF. This is not the oil pressure relief valve.

UNF does make some sense as this was orignally an American engine.

The oil pressure relief valve is the 4th even larger "port"


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cheers guys

being on the tight side,,,,ive got a tim gaudge mechanical installed in the dash was there when i brought the old girl, its never been plumedin,

ive also got a working old range rover gaudge,

looks like it will be easy to get rangerover sender from rimmers as advised,,

but is that the best option whats most reliable....

megasquirt has got hold of me right now so saving pennies to make pounds....cheers for your input luke

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I was just fiddling with this on my own '83 Rangie not long ago and yes, two ports are 1/2" UNF while the bigger one is indeed 9/16" UNF. The oil pressure sender and oil light switch are 1/2", and the oil temp is 9/16". Since they're not tapered threads, you do need some new copper joint washers as well. (I know this because I didn't have them!)

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