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Fuel fiter change on defender td5

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recharge your batteries and then turn the ignition on for 30 seconds, then off.

then repeat this a half dozen times and it shouldpush all the air out of the pipes. You should then be able to start the engine.

when you turn the ignition on, listen for the pump making a funny bubbling noise. Also check that the seal on the filter to housing is good, as it might be sucking air in.

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Ignition on, pump throttle six times - this will start the purge fuel cycle, with the pump running about five times for thirty seconds at a time.

Don't start if you can still hear sloshing etc - it won't go with any air in the fuel.

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IIRC the TD5 fuel pump is electrically driven and is located within the fuel tank.

Will towing him around get the fuel pumping?

IMHO you would be better off to just use some jump leads to get some charge into the batteries, follow the good and correct advice from SiWhite, and then start it. It is the workshop guide way to bleed the fuel system.

If you are towing him, you obviously have another vehicle so you are only a set of leads short.

Good luck with it


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Just changed my fuel filter on TD5 only the second time i have done it, this time sloshing and squeaking and started first time after that, last time it took forever to get going and I nearly flattened the battery. Something I am not keen on doing apart from the usual battery hassel removing child seat out as well...........what fag.

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if your changing the fuel filter i assume your filling the filter with diesel first as theres less air being sucked into the fuel system. then turm the ignition on and let the pump purge the remaing air out and it should start first time, works for me ok

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