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Have a guess what box this is


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I was driving my brother-in-law's 110 again last week, and was looking again at his unknown gearboxes.

So, I invite your informed or otherwise guesses as to what they might be. :D

The main box is a 5 speed, reverse is left and forward. It's not an LT77. It has a British Leyland symbol in the casting. There is no filler plug on the side.

The transfer box is Borg Warner with a viscous difflock and hi and low range. It's not the same as the one from a RR Classic. It feels like it's 1:1.6 as it runs out of gears at around 60mph.

Someone last night suggested a 101, but they apparently had 4 speed LT95s. It was also suggested that DAF used BL stuff?

Some day if it's ever dry and I'm near the truck again, I'll take the tunnel off and photograph it.

So, folks your suggestions as to what it might have come from. Something 4x4 from BL (or that BL supplied boxes to) with hi and low range. :rolleyes::unsure:

(and before you post the usual "ask Ashcrofts", they don't know what it it :) )

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SD1 Rover & Sherpa vans used LT77 variants, might be from one of those.

gear postions suggest LT77 or maybe a LT85

1984 through 1991: The LT85 (85 mm shaft spacing) was used in all V8 110 and 90 Land Rovers. The LT85 was originally designed under contract by Land Rover for Santana in Spain and was considered to be a strong working gearbox. Rover purchased LT85 gearboxes directly from Santana. It is also known as the Spanish Box. This gearbox was used as originally designed until 1988. A cost reduced, lighter weight, divided case version of the LT85 was introduced in 1988 and used through 1991. The main short coming of the divided case version was its main and lay shaft bearings. The loading on the bearings in 5th gear caused frequent gearbox failure when cruising for long periods of time under high throttle. There was also a bearing quality problem at one stage of manufacture and the gearbox was sensitive to the type of oil used.

In 1991 the relationship between Rover and Santana ended and the LT85 was no longer available to Rover. They needed to find a quick short term solution while they developed a new stronger gearbox.

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niether does a LR LT77 main gearbox because the high/low gears are in the transfer box [LT230]

I meant SD1 Rover & Sherpa vans.

The hi-low lever is on the main box, indicating that the vehice the main box came out of, had high and low.

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I thought I remembered a Sherpa 4x4, here is a copy of a brocure Linky, oddly enough from the then main stealer in Worcester. It has leaf springs and possibly modded LR axles which would make sense. Looks like only one gear lever, though hi-lo could be between the seats?

Edit to add: Just read the section headed ENGINEERING FEATURES, from what I can make out it says: "C series 5(?) speed gearbox. Floor mounted control lever adjacent to drivers seat for selection of 2 or 4 wheel drive and high or low rayios. Sherpa C type rear axle"

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