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Heater burnout

Paul H

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So today as i drove out of work i put the blower lever to position 2 to clear the screen. After a couple of seconds i noticed a load of smoke from behind the dash and the blower stopped working. The question is would this be the motor siezed up and the smoke travelling behind the dash and coming out around the instrument area or will it have fried the wires from the lever?

Just trying to work out what parts i might need to fix it at the weekend.

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Thanks for the replies. It looks like it might be more serious. Tried it today and it atarted and ran fine and the blower appeared to work. Went for a drive and after about two miles suddenly loads of smoke and the engine cuts out. Wipers stopped mid sweep and nothing working. Flicked the isolation switch to disconnect the battery and turned off the ignition. When i turned on the battery again the engine turns over without the key being in but wont fire. I am starting to think that it may be linked to the sigma alarm/imobiliser that the previous owner had fitted. Will have to investigate further at the weekend.

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