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Vit rich

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Hi, im building a vitara at the moment and am looking for tyres.

Its going to be running 4 link rear and X-jointed front radius arms, so there will be plenty of flex and lots of room in the arches, so im thinking 33's will be a good choice.

Ive got some brand new special tracks in 265/75 size, but i want something abit wider and less aggressive as im going to be doing alot of miles in this truck, but will also be doing some fairly hard offroading.

I know a year or two ago it would have been Bf goodrich MT's and that was that. But theres a few more options now, the 3 im looking at are;

Bf Goodrich MT KM2's

Handkook MT RT03

Cooper STT

And preference in the above or other tyres i should be looking at?

I dont want to spend massive amounts of money but if its what i have to pay to get the right thing then i wiill. Its running toyota axles and i do need wheels so fitted to toyota rims would be pretty nice aswell!

Thanks in advance


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I've got the KM2's on my 90 and love them but the Hankook MT's come very highly recommended. I was tempted by the Cooper STT's but decided on the BFG's instead as a lot of people said that the STT was a bit too hard and more likely to slide in the wet.

The STT is pretty aggressive, a bit more so than the other two I believe.

All in all I would say that the KM2 and Hankook are good all-rounders

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KM2 have been getting rave reviews for on/off road balance. The Firestone MTs that I had on the D1 were okay on road but wore quickly and were iffy offroad. Not sure if you get them there, but Interco Truxxus MTs have been very highly rated for wear and on/off road balance.

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I'm looking at new tyres at the moment as well and my shortlist are BFG KM2, Hankook RT03 and a new tyre we are importing called GT Adventuro MT. I'm just waiting for the first set of BFGs to arrive in the size I want (33x12.50R15) so I can see them in the rubber, and will decide then - a nice wide footprint is important here and the new BFGs are quite a bit narrower than other treads (including the old BFG MT) in other smaller sizes so I may rule them out on that in which case I will be getting the Hankooks.

At the moment I run Maxxis Mudzillas for my wide set but I want something more civilised on the road - the Mudzillas are noisy, the steering is horrible and they are impossible to balance. I wish I'd got a set of the old pattern BFGs but I missed that boat. They were the best all rounders there have ever been IMO, I have a very old set (not even KM's, the original MT from about 10 years ago) and I've had them on 5 different vehicles now!

I hadn't looked at the Coopers but will check them out. Don't think you can buy them here anyway.

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