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Things you see out and about


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We live on the south side of Brisbane in a place called Cleveland which is on the coast. We also live on a big hill which over oils the bay and stadbroke island

So although we about 10 ks as the crow flys from Brisbane and all the carnage nothing happening where I live

And yeah I have a snorkel but when the river is 20 meters about normal , need a bit more than a snorkel

Interesting thing is I was in an ARB shop the other day and they have run out of snorkels in Australia for all cars due to the amount of rain we have had over the last few months


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Another Escapee from the land of fish and chips?

On a different note, I see you don't have a fog light, is that normal in Aus?

Yeah pretty much

None of the company cars i have had, have had fog lights and that was a new Ford, Toyota, Holden and Hyundai. They say they don't have them because they don't have fog here But I yet to believe that

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