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Morning, just put veggie oil in my 94 300tdi for the first time. 15L and topped up with 35L of diesel. could probably add more veggie but will wait and see how she runs. funny enough engine seems a bit quiter, is this a byproduct and smellls like a BBQ...

have previously used on my 2.5 N/A 90 but really only works during the warmer months due to age and mileage on the motor (280K miles and rising).

cost in Lidl about 58c and comes in a 15L case


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Anybody living in Germany and running bio diesel on a 300td.

Have a few questions for you if you are.



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So how much veggie oil does the taxman know you have used? As much as you say you have. So lie about it, they won't know the difference as long as you declare some use. Or will you get struck by a bolt of lightning from on high?

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as he says^^^^^

declare used of 20l/month, then put in what ever you use etc....then it doesn't matter if you get dipped at the road side.

I only do 4/5000 mile a year now so its not worth it for me.


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In reply to Andy`s comments on veggie oil/ fat & its viscosity & a 300tdi

what i did incidentally for winter diesel use is as follows

use a electrical pump for your main pump feed as opposed to the block mounted fuel pump - (pumps far more than the motor needs)

returned unused Diesel is then that little bit hotter on the return pipe i have put a ex-jag fuel-tank switch when live it takes returning diesel to a pipe wrapped about four times around the exhaust down-pipe from the exhaust manifold. (thus heating the fuel that little bit more)

beyond the manifold pipe on the return pipe to the tank is a temp sender to keep an eye on the fuel temp

on a cold morning start the vehicle switch the fuel switch and the returning fuel from the motor is heated by the manifold and then dumped back in the tank warming the tank diesel.

when not needed the tank switch is switched on returning the fuel from the motor direct to the tank.

heres a basic diagram (its not rocket science)

attached JPG

on the market there are several in-line fuel heater producers


This chap has a nice selection of products & reasonabble in-expensive. In my case due to the electric pump meant that the step-up in fuel line temp was minimal but he can offer lots of help.


As i say this set-up is for a diesel set-up but could deal with varing degrees of Bio when running Bio it tends to be a official 10-15% mix (available in germany)

if you wanted to run higher Bio mixes in colder temps then a 2nd tank containing derv to start out and pump hot derv back into you bio tank would also help

as always Happy Trails



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Geoff Has hit the nail on the head

Iam sure in the UK, its stil a dead offence run anything through your tanks for road use that hasnt had excise duty paid on it. if you do you need to look over your shoulder.

As a Series IIa heating fuel powered (ex-student many yrs ago!) I ve been there done it & gone the fine to prove it at the time it was about 100 quid back in 1986

the aim should not be perfecting backyard coctails but rather lobbying the UK Govt to drop the duty on Bio as they do on the continent (germany)

at the moment (as we write)

Derv is about Eur 1.14 a litre

Bio is Eur 0.99 a litre

Its a standard norm mix to DIN standard and available is a FULL substitute for derv allowing any diesel / otto motor to run it

Availabliltiy is through most of the Non Branded chains of pumps - i need not say why

Start lobbying the suppermarket chains to carry Bio diesel - they will listen to anything BIO at the moment and their purchasing clout with their suppliers as we all know is massive.

happy trails


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