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Impact Wrenches


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What would you get:

all 1/2" drive for wksp/garage DIY use as opposed to industrial use, running off a 2.5hp 50L 10CFM, 10mm bore hose feed.

Northern tools 610Nm , twin hammer ones £69.99 + VAT 610 Nm Northern Tools

Chicago Pneumatic 576Nm one here(£99 + VAT) : CP 576Nm

CP 847Nm one £156.99 + VAT CP 847Nm

i had a 340Nm one before which wasn't really upto the job, and as it got knicked thought i would upgrade at the same time.

Or where would you get one of decent quality/cheaper from (excluding e bay)

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CP,CP.CP,CP every time , Will last up to 5 times longer than the cheaper versions , so which is the cheaper one now.

I use them every day on plant repairs and they do have a hard time . Ingersol rand ,also an excellent make as are the Snap on ones but they are nearly into the £300 marrk now.

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Recomend CP. I've got two 3/4" drive impact wrenches that get used for hours on end at maximum torque without giving any trouble (running off a road compresor sometimes so no air filtration or oiling). I think they do two grades; the red stuff is a bit cheaper and less "industrial" than the silver. And obviously Snap On is great - I've got a Snap On 1/2" drive that will just about get to 600 ft lbs.

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CP 847 Everytime! I've had it for 4 years, and it's great!! But get a rubber condom like thing for it. Worth the extra investment!

Cheers Bowy

CPs looking favourite then, anyone found them any cheaper?

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