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Anyone Know About Washing Machines?


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I used to work on laundry size ones

check the inlet valve filter a lot of washing machines have a sensor if there not filled in time they stop

turn off water at isolator valve remove pipes from back of W/Machine red and blue pipes look into machine where pipes connect there could be a fine mesh filter remove carefully clean and replace........

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I have no idea how to repair them, but I have an unused one in the Garage which you can have for free if you want to pick it up in Aachen, Germany.

Old, but trustworthy...

Carsten ;-)

what time can I collect it and will it fit on a motorbike?

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If its too big for one bike then I can borrow my brothers Piaggio scooter and maybe we could ride side by side with it slung between us Tony, should be fine for the run back from Germany...

Where is Germany anyway, is it far from Wheddon Cross???

Will ;)

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It's probably the level sensor on the back of the drum; they get blocked with scum. It's a plastic chamber with a rubber pipe disappearing upwards. Pull it off, clean it out, while you're at it blow down the tube and listen for the sensor switch clicking.

Needs doing every couple of years, especially if you use liquid detergents.

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IIRC you told me your water comes off a spring supply? I remember thinking that there was not a lot of pressure when using your hosepipe at the weekend, could low pressure caused by lack of rain be the problem? I seem to remeber that washing machine valves work in a strange way that relies on water pressure to hold them open? If there is not a lot of available water then perhaps the "head" built up in the rubber hose opens the valve allowing it to start filling and then, as the pressure drops off the valve closes again stopping the cycle? I am prety sure an older machine with a mechanical timer will continue the wash cycle, full or not, yours may have more sensors/logic in it than ours...

We just had to buy a new dishwasher. :(


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Miele man came today at 1330

it was one of the valves that lets the water in.

the pre wash one was ok that was the 5 seconds of water

he main wash one was dead.

still not bad for £113.16p :angry:

better still I watched what he did and the machine has a service mode that allows independant control of each function

that's how he diagnosed it, now I know how to get it in to Diag mode I'll try that before calling them out again,

allthough the machine is 10years old apparently and it was the first fault it had had.

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I've had the same problem - called out a service engineer who charged £60 to empty the fluff filter...on most machines they're behind a flap at the lower front. In this case I had left some coins in my jeans pocket and their weight was detected by a sensor....takes seconds to check


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