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  1. It is the 6 hp item - have a look at the parts list here. Neil
  2. Ralph, got my Momo boss online from Demon Tweeks - v quick service. Neil
  3. Si, very Mildly miffed off to read about the theft of your product...hope the word spreads fast about the perpetrator's apalling business ethics...reputation normally counts for a lot and just maybe we will see some appropriate market reaction in response. Neil
  4. This link is not to a plugin but to the complete WMP 10 software [which is extraordinarily good kit, if anyone is not using it - very versatile and audio quality is fantastic] Neil
  5. Stephen, most common use of javascripts on commercial websites is for links to other pages or sites via a button or similar - using script rather than a hyperlink. Newspapers frequently use them for 'latest news' tickertapes. Without java, you will never be able to use these websites to fullest advantage. Try this - go the Daily Telegraph website - telegraph.co.uk - and you'll see an empty box towards the top 'News Latest' and you will presumably see a green clover leaf in centre asking you to download an update - this is for the Java Runtime Environment - download took under 30 seconds under broadband, so should be do-able on dial up. I couldn't locate the java update either in Firefox or in the Windows java folder, so not sure that someone could download to a CDR. Neil
  6. Les, can I have mine in Epsom Green Metallic with silver writing. Would prefer my Forum name in case my wife spots me at a Show. Neil
  7. Might as well all come out, then - I even listen to the Omnibus edition on a Sunday so I hear the lot twice! One of the current lead stories is illegal use by off road cars and quads on David Archer's bridleway....currently they are planning a round-the-clock monitor of the route to catch the truck that almost hit a young child and also damaged David's Land Rover. Such programmes have a big following, particularly in urban areas and therefore influence the majority's views on how to manage the countryside. Strange that the storyline is running at the same time that NERC is in Comittee Stage in the House of Lords. But just for once, the editorial team were taken to task for 'bias and distasteful story lines' by a number of listeners on the R4 programme 'Feedback' today, including strong condemnation for 'confusing legal and illegal activities'. The Editor claimed that she 'had no access to the parliamentary timetable', by the way, a disgraceful excuse!! However, she also admitted that in one episode next week, the David Archer character will concede that 'Off road clubs work to a code of Practice' [GLASS and CRAG friends please note]. Neil
  8. Designers roll out an armored successor for the Hummer From Fortune Magazine, February 17, 2006 We've all seen videos of racecar crashes in which the vehicle disintegrates spectacularly into smoke and flame and flying, spinning debris--and the driver emerges miraculously unscathed. Those happy outcomes are the result of an engineering strategy that seats the driver in a strong, lightweight carbon-fiber "tub" in the middle of the vehicle, surrounded by a tubular-steel roll cage. Now that idea is being proposed for a new armored patrol vehicle that would afford more protection against the deadly mines and improvised explosive devices that are ravaging U.S. troops in Iraq. The Ultra AP project got underway in 2004, when the chief of naval research awarded $3 million to the Georgia Tech Research Institute to explore--on the double--ideas for a patrol vehicle to replace the Humvee. Not designed as an armored vehicle, the Humvee has turned Army and Marine fighters into sitting ducks. It gets seriously bogged down when equipped with heavy add-on shielding. The Navy wanted a transport that could go 60 miles an hour and protect its occupants better. Working furiously with a small cadre of veteran auto industry engineers, the Georgia Tech team completed its concept vehicle in less than a year by building it atop an off-the-shelf chassis for a Ford F-350 pickup truck. To help deflect bullets and blast, Ultra AP's crew compartment is shaped like a geodesic egg Everything about the Ultra AP design puts the people first. The four occupants sit back to back so that they can see hazards from all directions. Their seats are enclosed in a tube-framed "blast bucket" shaped like a geodesic egg and shrouded in a new type of lightweight armor. "The whole idea is that the vehicle doesn't need to survive an attack, but the people do," says principal research engineer Gary Caille. The faceted shape of the blast bucket is intended to present the minimum surface area in any direction, which helps deflect explosive blasts so that they do less damage to the crew capsule. Another feature is placing the crew as far as possible from the vehicle's wheels, which often take the brunt of mine explosions. While armor can help protect the driver and passengers against bullets and shrapnel, it can't save them from the spine-shattering shocks that typically come twice in a big explosion--once when the vehicle is blasted skyward and again when the wreckage hits the ground. Racecar features in the Ultra AP design, like multipoint safety harnesses and shock-absorbing seats, can make a big difference. The seats are mounted on a material called Skydex, which is used to cushion the outfield walls of baseball stadiums. You can think of the Ultra AP as one of those exotic show cars that let engineers and designers try new ideas on the public. It won't be produced, but some of its crew-protection features will probably find their way into the joint Army and Marines Light Tactical Vehicle program that will develop a follow-on to the Humvee.
  9. You can buy Anderson connectors from this Ebay shop - Truck Electrics - £6.99 for 175 amp item, £11.99 for the 350 amp item. IIRC, Warn sell the same item but in red, rather than grey. Neil
  10. And if you have one too many at the pub.....you can download a new driver.....
  11. Yes, it's true, a special edition Defender has just been released by Microsoft. And it looks the business! Isn't she beautiful!! Special signal black finish with upgraded suspension..... Actually, Microsoft have just released another free anti-spyware product - called Defender - which looks very good indeed. Get it here. Windows Defender (Beta 2) is a free program that helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software. It features Real-Time Protection, a monitoring system that recommends actions against spyware when it's detected, and a new streamlined interface that minimizes interruptions and helps you stay productive. Worth installing, my friends.....too much spyware out there. Neil
  12. On mine I've sealed the joint internally with silicone, then covered the joint externally with a section of inner tube. Duct tape would probably do just as well. Neil
  13. Jon Must be in the £,000s per article. No doubt imminent tax exile..... I have no idea whether he is being paid or not, but I doubt it - even well known hacks get only a pittance from these low volume mags. I wouldn't lose sleep over it either way. Neil
  14. I bet my second bottle's emptier than yours! I understand all the comments about respecting the Forum's independence, which is a good thing, but I am reminded that most of the criticisms that I hear about aspects of the various magazines is that they are only interested in promoting products supplied by their advertisers, and not in writing articles about what us committed Land Rover people really want to read about, or what our aspirations are for our truck. So wouldn't it be helpful to others out there who read the rags if they drew some inspiration from the knowledge and experience that I see around here every time I log on? I have some sympathy with the comments on attribution - if you've given a great answer to help someone on this Forum, or if you have an exciting or perplexing problem to deal with, then I agree that names should be named if possible. Anything that appears on this forum is not really covered by any meaningful copyright, as it exists in the no-man's-land of cyberspace, having been technically but only loosely published in America [via the web host], so any text can be lifted or quoted or para-phrased without real redress; so surely it would be best to form a healthy relationship with a mag like LRM, which most people aclnowledge as one of the better ones, to draw positive attention to the great service that this Forum offers the Land Rover community. I think that the original approach could have been better worded, as has been acknowledged above, and indeed it is up to us in this community to determine on what precise basis any relationship should be framed. But I think it would be a positive step to take, which is why I voted in favour. Neil
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