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td5 engine to replace 300tdi


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hi guys

i've got a disco in the shed with a broken engine. not repairable. i've got a td5 engine as well with box was wondering whats involve in putting the td5 into the disco. any chassis mount modification. i don't know if it has been done before. any help will be wellcome.


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The td5 uses electronics rather than basic electrics.

The engine control module needs inputs from other modules, abs, instrument cluster, auto box, body control, etc.

The days of an engine being a stand alone unit are gone.

Best option is to look at basic Defender td5 ecm and loom, don't have that rave disc though so can't see how it all connects.

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Td5 engine into an early 90

Can be done on a 90 so I don't see why a Disco would be any harder. Unless there are space concerns. Contrary to popular believe the Td5 ECU is not a complicated system and will run standalone without any of the systems above. Just a case of telling it what you want it to do with a diag tool. Other than that it's just nuts, bolts and plumbing, like any other engine swap.

Hell, if they can put a TDV6 in a Defender then a comparatively simple Td5 into a Disco should be easy.

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There was something I remember seeing in an LRO mag about a year ago on conversions for all landrovers and putting a td5 into a D1 base had been done. Apparently it worked well with the TD5 being more powerful than a TDI and the D1 body being a few hundred kg lighter than that of the D2.


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