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just got back as the BMW was struggling going 6kft up dusty rocky tracks (well, it is a sportsbike and not a trials bike!). Trying to think what the Alison was fitted into, if the bloke can track down what aircraft it was fitted into, then find people who are operating restored versions he should then be able to track down the Aircraft Publications (AP101 volume 10's) that have the wiring diagrams so that he can wire it up

wished I'd collected my Honda XL600 a week earlier as I'd have been still there up the mountains :rolleyes: hay hoo time to play V8 :i-m_so_happy:

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quite a new engine then, that'll be why I don't offhand recognise it since Avon's and Spey's were the in thing once up Boscombe ;)

Quite a few operators of Twin Squirrel's, looks like this bloke needs to track down a contact who has access with first line maintenance information, unfortunately I don't as Boscombe lease-hires the Twin Squirrel for the Empire Test Pilots School and all we do is kick the tyres and light the fires with it

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