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half shaft poking through hub - salisbury axle

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Just had a call from a mate. He was driving along when suddenly lost drive. Pulled over and found the half shaft poking through the hub so the splines weren't engaging with the drive member.

Any idea what's caused this? He's taken off and inspected everything and all looks OK. Put it all back together and it drives as normal, as you'd expect. But why did it happen in the first place?

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There is nothing holding them in other than the rubber end cap, which does perish over time and can pop off... I could see maybe the shaft crawled itself out in such a scenario... if the end cap was a bit soft and didn't put up resistance I guess it could have walked all the way out until it disengaged the diff splines....

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On my salisbury the shaft is larger than the splines, and it wouldnt push thru the drive flange.

Probably, the wear on the driving member splines is so bad that that the shaft could get out that way. This happens when the internals are dry usually, like the output splines in the transfer box. If you run oil instead of grease in the bearings, you wont have this problem.


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That was pretty much my 'over the phone diagnosis'. Worn out splines = slips through hub.

He's off to collect a caravan from the other side of the country, so we'll see how that goes!

He's new to the motor game, the landy is his first car so he's learning as things go wrong! I'll be catching up with him early next week and I'll pass on these comments in the mean time.

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