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Passenger Shower - Washer pipe


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Got a 110 1995 Ex-Mil Soft top and was doing a pre-MOT check this morning.

Sitting in the drivers seat I pressed the screen wash and as well as it shooting water on the outside of the screen it also shot a jet of water straight at the passenger seat.

I am sure that during Summer any passenger may find this quite refreshing :rofl: not to mention the joke factor for the driver!

The water is coming from the vent handle on the dash.

I can see a clear pipe going to behind the vent from inside but how to get to the pipe - is it a dashboard off job?

Just checking before I start another project - just finished the 'Fog Light Trail ;)

Thanks in advance - will be spraying passengers in the interim :)


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If you search the internet you will see how somepeople have changed the little jet on the bulkhead by putting there fingers in the astry well but to be honest this would be no good in your situation. It is a dashboard off job i'm afraid but that's not a big job and while you have the trim panel off you could consider adding the extra jet too, I added an extra washer jet to the wiper arm to have extra water on the windscreen when off-roading.just tee-piece into where the hole is and add the pipe, then run it out the second unused grommet on the bulkhead and clip it to the drivers wiper arm.

This is similar to what I have .... and when you already have the dash trim off why not?


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Thanks - Dash is the only thing I haven't taken apart yet I think!

Got some dial bulbs to sort and I am still missing those screws holding in the warning light panel so maybe a good time to go for it.

At the moment - enjoying soaking passengers ;)


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