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Mega squirting a 2286 series engine??


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If a new injection manifold was made and a mega squirt assembly fitted to a series 2286 engine, would it make the engine more efficient, improve mpg and be more reliable? Is it worth the effort?

I would have thought it would improve but anyone have an idea as to how much? Cheers

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Yes it would help loads I am sure, but you would still be left with an engine designed in the 1950s(or even 40s?).

I'm not going to discourage you, it would make an awesome project. Simplest way is to bolt a single port injection throttle body onto the existing inlet, I think Bosch is often preferred.

It has been discussed on here before, and someone even started doing it, but I don't think it got completed.

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Is it worth the effort?

That is really a question only you can answer. How often do you use the car and what sort of distances do you cover? It would definitely have better ignition and fuel economy. A chap in Sydney converted his using the injectors off a Honda and sundry other bits,

Cheers Charlie

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I'd say go for it, proper fuelling & ignition will make a big difference over 40-year-old-clockwork, although it's never going to outdo modern stuff with 50+ years evolution behind it, it might make it that bit nicer. Also, very few people have done it to the 4-pot so it'd be good to have a few more.

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