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Refurbishing seat box compartments

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While doing other jobs to refurbish my 1990 110 200Tdi Defender, I've been having a look at the seat box compartments.

The one under the drivers seat is rusting away quicker than an Alfa Sud so will need replacement, I was going to just do a like for like replacement but as it is a smaller box than the battery box is it possible to get a larger version for more storage space?

The battery box is fine, no real signs of corrosion however it does have 3 large holes that were for wiring grommets. There is no wiring going through these holes so I want to blank them off, with all this rain and flooding I tend to find a puddle of water sitting in the bottom. I'm struggling to find a supplier of the right size...done internet searches etc etc...even looked on the Halfords website, so can anyone suggest a supplier of the right size 35/36mm rubber blanking plugs

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Margarine pot lid with some adhesive sealant works fine.

I'd be suprised if fleebay didn't reveal a correct side blank grommet by the way. large ones aren't cheap, but I remeber looking for some 40-50mm ones not long ago, and I found some.


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Instead of grommets, duct tape both sides after you've cleaned it with thinners. Or if you're feeling really extravagant use Gorilla Tape... don't expect to get it off though :D Cheaper than grommets and easy to find....... or..... the side of an old wellie......

I'll get my coat.....................

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