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Good evening all,

Can anyone point me in the right direction please, as per the photos I haven't a clue where this greeny oil is coming from had a look around the housing it is seems to be pushing out from behind my wheel spacer, OS front only seen it today and haven't a clue what's caused it and what needs replacing




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It's oil from inside the axle. Either the drive flange (which attaches the drive shaft to the wheel hub, or the hub oil seal is leaking. More likely the drive flange gasket.

It's only a paper gasket costing about 4p


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It's a greenosh oil because it's a mixture of EP90 from the axle tube, 1-shot swivel grease and wheel bearing grease. The leak is either from the drive flange gasket, or even more likely from a loose plastic centre cap on the drive flange. Both are cheap fixes.

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Took the wheel off to investigate the problem, well the little black cover was shot to s@#t so ordered a new one and some gaskets for good measure

I'll have to check the breather when I don't get sooo bloody wet getting underneath it

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