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Extra Engine Cooling - Wiring Fans Pt 2

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Finally the fans work :

The weekend started and a few hours into it I had this nightmare at Chez Kittyhell:


A stupid number of hours later (like ALL weekend) saw it virtually finished (need to get a few bits) :


Front runs engine rear runs fans, Blue wires are the fans sepeately wired into realys and fuse box, blacks (centre entry) are the earths for the relays :


The fuse box and relay box are saved from the old Hybrid with new connectors etc, and the fans are wired sepeartely with 2x 30 amp fuses on the relay side and 5 amp on the power to the relay, all mounted nice and high behind the pass seat. Also connected the ARB relay into the box (bottom) and will sort out some of the other bits later (car phone kit fuse etc)

This saves cutting into the 90 harness which is all ok and sound (wish the same could be said for the EFI Harness maybe :angry: ) :


Power for relays taken from rear wash wipe fuse :


Fans connected through waterproof plug, needs to be zippy tied into place :


I have earthed the Fans to the Metal surround, this is bolted to ali generally, should I take an extra earth to the chassis ???... seems ok at the mo ???

And the switches cut and mounted (IP67 waterproof) into the front of the cubby box


ON 1= ON all the times + light on


ON 2 = wired through thermostat switch in rad + light on when on

Both thus wired completely sepeartely, and yes it did my head in working out :D

All works...with the Vents and rad clear of number plates and such like boy does it move the air out !

Now, if I could just sort that elusive here yesterday and gone today misfire :angry:


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nice job nige, rather dissappoint all your wires aren't colour coded to your bodywork though :ph34r: i guess u can primer them all now they're in place.

wired up twin fans at the weekend into a series, i did rather chop out alot of extra wiring before adding my own :rolleyes: i just hope the rest of the wiring still works :lol:

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Which of those two batteries does the winch run from?

[/retires to a safe distance]


The front battery,

This supplies 'a few amps' the the engine which goes to drive the PTO (about 280 BHP 'Motor') which is then connected to the winch

Seems to work quite well, battery doesn't seem to suffer from high amps draw :P


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