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As per description:

"what are the ten best reasons for owning a Landrover"

Had this asked last night and it got me thinking, is there a universal ranking of reasons....

So what are your best reasons for owning an LR as opposed to any other 4x4 ?

and/or what are the best mods one can/should do? (none comp)

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I never get speeding tickets.

I like the excitement wether or not I will get to where I am going.

The vibrations may prevent Osteoporosis

I hate washing cars

Spending the weekend in the garage prevents skin cancer.

It annoys other road users and all the PC anti's

I look forward to spending all my hard earned money on replacement parts.

You can rest your beer on them without worring about the paint.

Engrained oil under the fingernails stops you biting them

And because I'm just big kid who likes playing with big toys!!! :D

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Marginally cheaper than having a mistress :unsure:

A lot cheaper than SWMBO finding out you have a mistress ;)


You can dream about it when bored at work (no not the mistress) B)

You can get to work when everyone else can't in the snow :(

You can get wet when it rains, keeping in touch with nature :lol:

You can irritate the neighbours by blocking their view :o

You are supporting UK manufacturing :)

You don't have to go as fast as the rest of the traffic :rolleyes:

You don't have to justify land rover ownership to anyone else cos they won't understand:P

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A customer of ours gave this reason. He was born into a wealthy family.He has a well paid job that he loves doing. He has a loving beautiful wife and 2 great children.He owns a large luxury house on prime acreage in the best part of outer suburban Melbourne.His life is great, perfect even. A little too perfect. So he bought a LandRover to restore some balance to his life.


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I love landrovers cos I spilt a load of EP90 in the back the other day and laughed whilst I washed it out with washing powder and a broom.

Try doing that in a mondeo.

(although my m8 did have a whole lot of siligasket go off in the back of his disco, stunk for ages and got right in the carpet!!).


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1-you can crash into a Renault clio at 30mph and then have the council attend to sweep their rear windscreen from your bonnet.

2-you can have the best of days out with friends

3-you can have the worst day of your life out with friends

4-you can be exhilarated

5-you can be scared s***less

6-you can spend vast amount s of time laying underneath it

7-you can always find something to buy for it

8-you can always find something that needs fixing on it

9-you can waste lots of ££ on it

10-you can find like minded people on places just like this for all over the world, make friends from all over the place.

Just think how on earth else would you speak to people from:

The Falklands


New Zealand



and wierdo places like Swindon :)

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Great replies and some real chucklers in there too..!

Dose any one like the reliability of the LR

or hunting for parts

how easy they are to work on

the never ending variaty of design

how good they look in camo mud

how much space you find next to them in carparks (I mean when in mud livery)

when they lay down for a rest you can still cook on them

how they make other drivers more respectful

they are a better subject down the pub than football /Religion or puting the world to rights

they have a true community spirit about them

just some of my reasons

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