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Rubber sleeve on end of Accelerator cable

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Hi - while having a look around the engine (1996 300tdi) today, noticed a split on the rubber sleeve on the end of the accelerator cable where it attaches to the pump. Please see attached photo.

A couple of questions from a non mechanic

a) is it serious? can I leave it a couple of months to the next service?

b) if I'm going to change, what is the part actually called?

c) to change, is it a case of taking the split pin out, the clevis pin out - then swap out the bust rubber one? is that wire under tension?

d) lastly, inside the sleeve, there appears to be some form of pube - what will it be?




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I would think it is a called a "boot" like you have covering drive shafts and steering racks in modern cars.

The boot will be easier to put on than remove intact, as one end is larger diameter than the other.

To relieve the tension just turn the thumb screw where the cable goes through the bracket on the pump (where you adjust the tickover).

And yes, just remove the split pin and pin, once slackened.

Not sure about wants in the boot, but makes sense to have some grease or something similar in there.

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echo, it shouldnt be a problem at all, keep it lubed up and as long as you dont go careering through bonnet deep silt its not going to start siezing up any time soon, to be honest you would probably be hard pressed to find an engine in with an intact cable boot.

although i do like it when poeple keep the smaller insignificant items up to shape on their vehicles it shows real care IMO

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