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Air Locked Fuel Tank


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I had to change my leaking under-seat fuel tank on my 90 recently.

Since I replaced the tank I have been having problems filling the tank. When I try to fill the tank it fills the neck and very slowly runs into the tank. This means Im having to use a jerry can as I can fill it very slowly.

Yesterday I unscrewed the return pipe on top of the tank and filled it, it filled quickly like it should. So the tank is air locking. When I changed the tank I replaced the breather pipe and the filler pipe.

The engine runs and drives ok, so thats getting fuel.

Has anyone got any ideas how to solve this problem?


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Finally got round to looking at the breather today. I had managed to kink it when I put the tank in. Had to take all of the mounting bolts out of the tank so I could jiggle it around to get the kink out.

Cheers for the advice.

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