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air compressor


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as the title says really , fitting an ARB locking diff in the rear of my 90 , so going to be needing a compressor , should i go for the ARB compressor or one of the many other air comps ?

if not ARB which one and why ? :rolleyes:

also what pressure does the ARB diff lock require to stay engaged ?

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I use my arb compressor for adjusting tyre pressures, a bit cr&p but does the job ok.

The advantage of the arb is that it comes with a decent wiring loom, matching switch and a matching thead on the air connectors.

Yes, I use the ARB for this when my dive tank's empty / not with me. The ARB compressor also fills a 2.5 gallon tank which'll be used to operate things like winch freespools along with the diffs.

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We've decided not fit a standard arb compressor but use the samll unit they now supply.

It's small and pretty much bullet proof.

Then we're going to carry a twin motor electric compressor, far easier to store and one less bother.

Keep it simple, you won't regret it.

Plus the Large arb comp has not a great duty cycle :( in fact it's less than the time it takes to reinflate 4 simex to raod pressure from 12psi :(

So not ideal.

Just my pennies worth

Jim :)

Previous vehicle ran a large air tank and hard wired compressor, can't fautl it, apart from it ways quite alot.

Hence the route we are going

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I'm still trying to gather all the bits to build my OBA system,

but I saw these in 4Wheeler...


I haven't compared it to the other compressors on the market yet,

but here're some datas for those who want...


Oil-less Design

Duty Cycle: 100%

Max. Working

Pressure: 200PSI

2.85 CFM at Free Flow

Permanately Lubricated Ball-bearings

Moisture & Dust Resistant

Stainless Steel Braided Air Hose

Heavy Duty Inline Check Valve

1/4"F to 1/2"M NPT Adapter

Nylock Vibration-Free Mounting Hardware

One Year Warranty

Size: 13.5" L x 6.5" H x 5.5" W


$299.99 + P&P etc...

Some downloads,again I haven't checked out yet...

dowloads page

Air Zenith site

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