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Tyre choice help


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How am i going to get 35" AT tyres onto 17 - 7.5 rims?

Without increasing the width too much.

I have looked at BFG, Cooper & General and there doesnt seem to be any option in 17. Unless i go for 315 width which is too much.

I could drop to 16 but i would prefer to leave more room for calipers.

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Its my volvo c303. Original tyres are 280/85-16 so 34.7"

But i'm planning a drum to disc change with D2 calipers and Toyota discs. So dont know the exact wheel-caliper clearenc until i build it, but 17 would give me breathing space.

Need very high offset wheels to avoid increasing the track width.

I had an offer of some 17x7.5 Nissan rims that would have been ideal except i cant find tyres for them.

Because they are portal axles the current wheels have 100% offset i.e the edge of the rim is only a little inside the body. So i cant chose too wide a tyre.

Even in 16 it seems that id have to go for 315/75-16 to match the diameter, but they are wider than i'd like.

btw This is the best tyre size calculator i have found to date, just to share.


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Sadly I think you'll struggle to find much in the way of tall narrow tyres. I've certainly looked in the past.

Your most likely bet is if you can find some 'real' 9.00x16's if you are happy with 16" rims. These should be similar height to the originals. But tyres this size are rare. You might find some Mil or Agri tyres this size however.

35.10.50 16's is another size you might find, but often only in aggressive MT's patterns.

Interco do some interesting sizes such as 34 9.50's that might fit the bill. Not sure where you can buy them though, places import to Europe, but not the UK it seems. And be prepared to pay.

I've seen a vid (ages ago) of a C303 on Maxxis Creepy Crawlers. Pretty sure they weren't all that narrow though.

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Hmm was just watching an episode of Fast n Loud. They had a Ford Bronco on 17" with BFG AT 35"

Need to try and zoom in on the sidewall markings. But probably one of those things you can only find in the US of A.

edit - 315/70-17 hmmm didnt look too fat

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