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200tdi fuel route


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Just a very quick question.

From the top of the fuel pump there is a pipe that comes from the rear of the diaphragm area, this pipe then winds its way past the water thermostat housing and then toward the turbo. From the turbo in the same area that the fuel one ends there is a larger rubber pipe that has a clip on it, that looks as it would sleeve over the fuel pipe? Does it?

Symptoms are little/ no power in any gear, continual sucking noise and when I'm at high enough revs, the turbo doesn't spin up?

Just had a new head put on it, has this come loose or been left disconnected? Truck starts and runs beautifully in idle at stationery.


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Sounds like it's the pipe from the turbo to the boost-compensator on the FIP.

Without this connected, the FIP won't supply the needed extra fuel when the turbo starts boosting. Which will in turn prevent the turbo from ever generating very much boost or the engine very much power...

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Ok, so if I understand boost and pressure? Will normal fuel pipe be ok to replace it with? As its that hard plastic pipe now? Or will fuel pipe constric and reduce the boost?

If it needs to be the hard plastic stuff, what's it called, so I can buy some, or bore size?

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