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What retro central locking?

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Looking at getting a decent central locking retro fit kit for my 90. Couple of threads on here but pretty old now and some of the links are dead. Is the hawk system still any good ? Any other recommendations ? Maybe something with an alarm to make me feel better about leaving it.

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I fitted the Hawk system recently. Had problems at first then worked out that it was a bad earth on the return from the solenoids. Since then it's been fine. Mines connected to the alarm as well which also seems to be good.

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I recommend using OEM discovery 1 actuators.

not sure on the cost, but I just pulled mine out of the disco doors I have laying about. my view is they have worked well for 20 years and are fine being dunked. im not sure of the quality of some of these other kits.

Plus the throw on them is the exact right amount for a defender lock. IIRC 22mm

drivers door is sensing and the rest are just slaves which works well even if you don't have a fob.

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That's the thing that would bother me about the kits - they look too cheap.

It's like reverse sensors - the ones that OEMS use are expensive, and tough, I don't see how a cheapo set of 4 for £20 can match the quality over the life of a vehicle. And the sound from the OEM kits is so much better.

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