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first time buy ?'s


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I'm looking at a 95 disco, lifted, snorkel, looks like its been beaten up a bit but generally in good shape. Minimal rust. Mild engine knocking, weak brakes.

Only asking for $1500. But it'll have to make a 6 hr drive home.

Yay or Nay? Any other questions I should ask?

Thanks a lot.

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Minimal rust???????

I'd be wanting to make that call myself, and a 6 hour drive to check it out is waaaay too much for me to even consider just for a disco

I'm guessing that as they said $ and £, then it isn't UK. So while 6hrs is a long drive for anyone. It aleays seems less and easier if it's 6hrs on US Highways as opposed to 6hrs in the UK. Of course it could be Oz too.

Op - Obviously it's really hard to tell over the internet, even harder than it is for you, as we only have the details you've posted.

Do you have any pics?

I'm guessing $1500 is a good price where-ever you are. So might well be worth the risk.

Do you have any way of recovering it, should it not make the 6hr journey home? If so, then I'd view it as a mini adventure and probably say why not.

As with all Land Rovers, pretty much every bit is replaceable. But I'd want to know how solid the body and chassis are for sure, before making that distance. Oily bits are pretty easy when all said and done, to simply unbolt and bolt in a new one. Major chassis or body repairs generally require a lot more fabrication and effort to sort out.

I'd also probably want to know more about the lift and what sort of engine knock.

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The early Australian Discos came galvanised, LR were so worried about corrosion warranty claims due to the period of up to 3 months on the high seas and salt water corrosion that the early Discos came with galvanised and powder coated chassis, once fully enclosed ocean car carriers became the norm this feature was promptly dropped due to the additional cost.

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