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Wiper motor or wiper switch?


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Okay, it's been some time since ( almost a year) I totally re-wired my Disco and did away with the standard wiring harness and MFU, along with all the other electronic devices apart from the window ecu.

On my return from my little desert trip the wipers started to play up, What happens is the wipers continue to wipe even though the rotary column switch is turned off,( very odd and annoying :angry2:) the other odd thing is that the wipers go past the bottom "park" position and on the up stroke by about 3/4" before they stop. This they never used to do, they always parked at the bottom of the wiper stroke.

Any ideas ??? Is the rotary column switch caput or is there a switch in the motor that needs to be replaced or is the wiper motor itself past it's use by date


BTW I'll start on my trip report this weekend

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Sounds like the wiper linkage has slipped round the spindle.

The motor receives a permanent live feed to the park switch to ensure that after you turn off the wipers with the column switch, they continue to the stopped position. The fact that your wipers are going off the screen suggests the linkage has slipped and the motor is no longer shutting off with the park switch.

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Mine start of normal and will turn off as they should the first few goes THEN will start acting as above just keep wiping after you turn them off.......They will eventually switch off but could be 5 mins of 20 mins ...........................................................What was the out come as have the same problem and changed the park switch (1990 110 Defender)

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No, not done anything yet as the cure recommended above will mean using a Defender column switch - which I have obtained but will mean considerable revamping the column itself in order to fit it, wiring in the Defender timer relay will be, by comparison, easy.

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