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Handed springs. Which side?

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The 110 have handed springs and the longer spring up front should be on the drivers side.

What is this though, is it the right hand side or the left hand side or does it follow the driver??

The above statement is it with a rhd or lhd in mind or is it always true to account for the weight of the driver?

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I always thought on a 90 it was because you have the heavy fuel tank and driver on one side.

The springs on later 90s don't seem to be handed.

I've just put some take off 90 CSW springs on my 90 rebuild so am hoping it doesn't make too much difference.

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I just put in 110 commercial springs in my 110 .Sits slightly taller and more even looking allround and less sway on the move. No leveler fitted. Both front and rear commercial were the same height.

The pairs that came out had a tall and a short. :ph34r:

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