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The shame of it.... and on the way to an MOT too!


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So, the Megasquirted V8 was finally running okay and I was in the quandry of "It needs run to be tuned" and "It needs an MOT to be out on the open road where the tuning will take place" (I'm terrified of ANPR systems nowadays so legal is the only way to go).

I finally plucked up the courage to book it for an MOT in a test station near my work and set off this morning at 6:30ish... All was going well, it was perky, and sounded okay, gauges were looking fine, and after about 6 miles of single track roads, I got to a decent stretch to give it a bit of welly - running fine, great, splendid, chuffed.... i was almost tempted to turn the stereo on and relax a bit from "Meerkat mode".

Then I reached the brow of a hill and it just cut out. My years of Green Oval Ownership experience immediately kicked in and I looked for an area to pull into safely off the road - I even found myself deliberately pulling up in the lay-by quickly to leave room for my trailer in front which I somehow knew was going to involved in the story..

Sure enough, after 10mins of superficial checking (no tools!), and two fly-by's by the local constabulary, I called the missus (That was popular) to come and fetch me, so I could go home and collect the trailer with the Range Rover, and retrieve the shamed 110. Meantime, three or four nice looking, newer 110's tootled past.... I wasn't jealous..... much.

By the time I got back to the lay-by, a big mobile crane had parked in front of it, and I had a bit of a laugh when I politely asked the driver if he'd shift, or if he fancied picking the 110 up and plonking it on the trailer to save me winching it on.. he declined. The cops cruised by once more and either figured that it was unlikely some clown in a suit is nicking a 110 with a trailer, or ran the registrations and realised they were both registered to the same person, either way, they didn't stop.

All up, the episode lasted about 2 and a half hours... and its now pouring rain (Modus operandi for a Scottish summer) ... so diagnostics this evening will be in the wet, deep joy. At least its not snowing... yet.

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Oh Donald, I feel for you mate, its sods law that is, it will be an easy fix... once you find the problem... If issues are going to appear its always on the way to the station.

I had indicator failure and the alternator packed up with the Hi cap I put through before Christmas, I was lucky enough to have taken my trusty Gerber with me for any eventuality! and managed to get the indicators working and the new battery held out long enough for the MOT to pass ok...

Its a real tricky one getting trucks back on the road after a prolonged break as there's always the teething issues of the breaking in period, there's only a certain amount you can plan for, even with a new build and 90% new parts... the 10% will always come and haunt you...

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.... is the punchline that it had just run out of petrol?

I wish... Its a V8, so I have an auxiliary tank in the rear wing behind the wheel with a pump that transfers the 20 litres from the sump of that tank into the main tank (did that), and then I had the jerry can in the back that I put there "just in case" the gauge was lying.. I'd lobbed that in too!

The style of the cut-out didn't seem fuel related, it didn't stutter and cough, then stutter again, it just stopped..

I was too ashamed to lift the bonnet for too long with the amount of traffic passing by, and I'm really surprised I haven't had any emails at work with the "was that you broken down again?" title.... :hysterical:

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