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NERC Passed In Wales

Paul Humphreys

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A vote was taken on the principle of the Order:

For Abstain Against Total

47 0 0 47

The principle of the Order was agreed.

All spineless !! :angry:

somehow, i feel better having blown 200 quid plus of unleaded on the last welsh trip !! :rolleyes: while it was still there !!!

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It gets worse, I believe this approved draft to the England version of NERC was discussed here:

Welsh assembly - NERC

9. I have recently been asked by Ministers in DEFRA for policy clearance for two proposed Government amendments to the Bill. The amendments have arisen as a result of points raised during House of Commons Committee consideration in early August. The proposed changes are as follows:

1. enforcement of wildlife offences – the change proposed here would enable police to enter land (other than a dwelling) without the necessity of obtaining a warrant where they have reasonable cause to suspect that a wildlife offence has been committed;

1. limited powers to allow National Park Authorities to issue Traffic Regulation Orders with respect to unsealed roads in their areas.

10. With regards i, I believe that this change would be helpful in strengthening the existing wildlife enforcement provisions, and I consider that ii would be helpful in helping Park Authorities to control illegal "offroading" by motorcycles and 4 x 4 vehicles on tracks in the countryside.

Also if interested i suggest Reading the PDF file on item 7 from the following link:

Items of meeting

Have just browsed over this but seems a tad heavy for the lay reader , any lawyers in the audience know what it means - factually ?

All looks damn grim.

Bloody controlling government - will ban freedom of speech next.

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