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3.9 oil coolers

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Having big problems with my 200tdi to 3.9 conversion.....again!

I'm using a defender TD radiator as its full width and has the built in oil cooler. I bought this removed my old cooler fittings put them into the new rad and the cooler pipes on to them. No problem. The rad started leaking coolant so it was sent back under warranty but couldn't get those fittings out of the rad with out totally destroying it. I then find the manufacturers have just skipped the rad without removing my fittings

i had to buy new fittings which I was told were NCT3858 which fit fine in the rad but not on the oil cooler pipes....

Anyone have any ideas on other adapters? truck is obviously immobile so I can't take it anywhere and I dont understand why one would fit and not the other!

I dont want to put a little mocal on it as I've already spent £320 on a new rad with a cooler!

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Bizzarly the bolts I ordered by mistake for something else sort of fit..... They are 5/8 UNF

Be patient with me as I barely know about metric fasteners but could the rad side of the fitting be 5/8 BSP?

From the top:

5/8 UNF bolt


V8 transmission cooler fitting suspected m18 which fits the v8 pipes


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Ah cheers! that's an awesome little trick, just tried it on the shower (don't tell SWMBO) and spot on! Only problem is that's not the problem end :(

However using the chart posted by lo-fi I'm 99% sure that the rad side is 3/8BSP and the oil cooler pipes are m18x1.5

M18x3/8BSP male male adapters are £5.90 for the pair! Just got billed £55 for the genuine fittings which will be going back!

Now we wait.....

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