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Td5 dash into 300tdi

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Hi Guys, I have a question, that's why I'm here!!! I have changed the dashboard in my 300tdi 110 for a td5 unit. After following some very good posts on this site it is almost complete. The problem I have is that the fuel light is always on even with a full tank of fuel, fuel gauge works fine though. Just to complicate maters it's running a 3.9 in a td5 chassis with a td5 fuel tank so no separate fuel level sensor as it is all in the pump.

Surely I must be able to get the fuel light to work?

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As you're using the Td5 sender, you'll need to follow the intended wiring route. There should be a white/orange wire coming from one of the speedo plugs on pin 1. This should run to pin 3 of the 20 pin instrument pack plug.

If this is correct, then the fuel light is turned on by switching to earth, so something is earthing along the way. This could be a defective speedo (where the WO wire comes from)

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