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Walkie talkie extra loudspeaker?


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We are using Motorola T80 walkie talkies. They are not loud enough inside a Defender. Do anyone know of any external loudspeaker that can be used in conjunction with walkie talkies. I need to be able to talk as well so I think it may need a microphone or else any plugged in loudspeaker will make it a listen only jobby. (single pin system)

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Several options here :

"Security Covert Walkie Talkie Handsfree Headset MOTOROLA TLKR T60 T80 XTB446" type earpieces & mic.


"Military Throat Mic Headset/Earpiece For Motorola Radio TLKR T60 T80 XTB446 1PIN"

Basically, most 1 pin things will work.

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Something like this?


I think that will make it listen-only.

I have both the regular headset that comes with the units and we tried the throat mics as well.

The headset which comes with the unit is not loud enough either. It's pretty poor to be honest.

The throat mic works well but is quite uncomfortable. I can't get used to it...

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no, you can talk and listen, like this, see the 2 plugs on the 1 moulding for the speaker & mic;

Our guys wear the radio on a belt and have the mic clipped on a top pocket or jacket lapel and they can communicate when driving the forklifts or standing around the machines.


You can also get a headset that activate when you start to talk but I find them too sensitive in a working environment.

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