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It has takes about a year for my disco to eat a front prop UJ. It seens to always be the one connected to the Tbox. As i do a lot of offroading i try and grease the uj's every 1-2 months .

so my question ... is replacing UJ's just another one of those repeat jobs (along with hub seals, bearings etc... :ph34r: ) or is there a make of uj thats a bit more robust :)

I guess it could be binding abit when the front axle is on full travel.... I cant hear it are there any ways to check this?

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hardy spicer/ genuine parts ones are a lot better than the cheap ones from paddocks, but if you are knocking them out that quickly, and as you say, greasing them regularly, then i reckon they must be binding, or getting stressed somehow...

sounds like you need a wide-angle prop.......

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thanks for all the input..

i dont know what type were on before because i brought a complete prop, so i just got two gkn hardy spicers uj's and taken the prop off so i can get home from work with out all my teeth falling out :D

really cant see it binding, well not with the mount of travel i can give it using a highlift jack any way :huh:

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my disco used to eat the UJ at the tbox end of the front prop every 3 months or so, even when using GKN ujs. i have found that fitting the prop 'backwards' sliding joint towards the axle has cured it. my guess is the sliding joint end is heavier & that coupled with the fact the tbox end runs at a greater angle makes the uj at that end wear faster. the last joint i fitted lasted almost a year & was still ok when i replaced the prop cause the sliding joint was worn out (it'd had play for years but i hadnt got a replacement till recently).

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