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automatic headlights off with ignition key

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greetings landrovites.

I have just finished wiring my 3.5 V8 ecu and while I had the whole dash area open I decided to put relays in for my headlights.

now both my dims and brights are running through relays and my switches don't do much more than a few milliamperes work!!

I simply cut the wires to the headlights just before they entered the fuse box, used these wires from the switch side now as my "relay trigger wire" (usually to pin 86 on relay), then a good strong fused relay feed (pin 30) and the relay output (pin 87) goes back into the wires that then go through the fuse box to the individual lights, so I still have separately fused headlights, which are much brighter now, and my switches aren't going to burn out.

but I would now like to wire another relay in which is triggered by my ignition so that I only have lights when my ignition is on, this way I can leave my lights on as "driving lights" and won't forget them on as I have done several times in the past.

are there any disadvantages in doing this?

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In the 80s Lancia lights were wired like this. I liked it, until (being a Lancia) it died in the middle of a junction on a dark rainy night, and the poor bloke coming the other way couldn't see me as I was fighting the steering lock trying to get it to restart :o

Sometimes, it's useful to be able to keep the lights on...

Keep the sidelights wired normally?

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The discovery 1 ignition barrel has a switched pair of contacts for 'key in'. If present on your ignition barrel I'd be tempted to use that to feed your switches or relay coils depending on whether or not you are switching the relay coil feed or to ground. This way your main and dipped will turn off when you pull the key out, but won't if you turn the key all the back before trying to restart.

Edit... Helped a work mate fault find on his TD5 90 a few months back after headlights went out completely - fried switch as it happened. These were switched off by removing the key. Can't tell you whether it was dropping out of the accessories or ignition position to do so though.

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Thanks for the replies guys, yes my TD5's do this but my V8 is an '83 and it doesn't, which makes it even worse cause I am accustomed to not having to worry about the lights.

The lights off in the middle of a junction in the middle of the night..... Hmmm , sounds like a fun situation..... Maybe an idea to wire a toggle switch that stays off normally but can feed the lights bypassing all the relays as an emergency lights option, but then again run the risk of flicking it on with a stray knee or strap and lighting up like a Christmas tree...... Will give it some thought

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