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3.5 v8 - power vs. throttle opening

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Quick question for those of you with v8s - is the power delivery very 'non linear' with respect the the throttle pedal?

My v8 (3.5 with thor manifold & megasquirt) has a very non linear throttle response - by about 30% throttle you are at about 90% of power - past that it doesn't make much difference other than trying to kick down the auto box...

Just wondering if it's par for the course? Throttle butterfly appears to be adjusted properly, opens all the way and is closed when it should be... Not having driven another one I have nothing to compare it to...


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The power delivery is smooth - it revs out to reasonably high revs if you keep it buried (although it has a non standard kickdown setup so I can't follow the LR procedure for setting it so I've done it by ear).

It's just if you are under load (long hill / accelerating etc) - between 50% and 100% throttle it really doesn't feel like a lot of difference..

It's just that it feels like it has an eccentric cam on the throttle body - but the wrong way round so all the throttle opening is in the first bit of the pedal travel...

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