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Fitting inward facing rear seats

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Recently purchased set of 4 second hand rear forward facing seats with seat belt support bar and chassis brace etc.

Thought it would be a straight forward job fitting but nothing ever runs smooth even with well planned out jobs.

Started on the off side and commenced by fitting the lower brace which attaches to the rear cross member. First issue the face that sits against the underside of the box section/wheel arch was about 5-7 mm away from the surface.

Okay no major problem can elongate holes in support bracket to accommodate that or put up with a slight deformation of the box section (which I have done temporarily so I can get the holes drilled).

The next stage is where I am stuck, the seat belt retaining bar does not marry up with the holes I drilled for the lower brace.

Does anyone have any pictures to show how this is supposed to work ?

Tried trawling the internet for diagrams and pictures without success getting really frustrating now as the actual seat installation parts a piece of cake.

All help will be greatly appreciated, I have pictures if it helps ?


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Hi there thanks for the pictures.

I have a 90 and looking at the diagrams on the first link, the anchorage bars a cross between 20 and 21 ?

In the second link on the Landy Zone the first picture with the blue defender appears to show the same bar. However, I have been looking at fitting the bar the other way around ?

If I tried to bolt it up as in the picture the holes don't align up with the lower anchorage bracket and the bar sits too far forward and would interfere with the seat installation ?

The picture seems to show the bar as been set further as I would expect, so it does not obstruct the seats but there is no way it would align up with the bottom anchor support which is bolted to my rear cross member ?

So still partially confused although I now reckon I know which way the anchor bar fits.


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2 pictures below show the 2 seat belt anchor variations. Any clue as to which is correct, at least it would be a start. You will also notice at the rear where I have pre-drilled to secure the lower anchor bracket (as you may be able to tell it doesn't appear to link up to the internal anchor bar ? in either orientation.



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your 2nd photo is the correct way around going on the landyzone blue vehicle photo.

you probably have, but are the legs to the chassis on the correct sides of the vehicle ?, I'm not familiar with these bars as my 110 doesn't have them.

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I am 99.9% sure the lower brackets correct as there is only one way it can fit depending which side it goes.

Interesting you should pick that picture it's worth noting the central bracket assembly is off center with respect to where the seat back's fit ?

The other orientation which doesn't match the photo of the blue Land Rover has the bracket perfectly central between the seat back support points ?

Still not convinced which one is correct but suppose I should go with the one that matches the photo :unsure:

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other thing is are you sure these came out of another 90 & not a 110 ? because the chassis leg has different part number for 90 or 110 fitment, see item 3 in the parts link above. & the main bars have different numbers for 90 or 110 as well.

both look to have the centre bracket offset.

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I was 99.9% wrong bracket's where wrong way around. It didn't help though that the O/S (which is where I started) would not fit in correct position due to exhaust hanger support being in the way. So I assumed the only way it would fit was correct :blush:

If I had started on the N/S in the first place all would have made sense.

Now I can get on with fitting the N/S then find a way to move the exhaust hanger bracket.

Thanks for the help and support, as usual feeling like a complete idiot.

Regards Ian

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Appears I spoke or posted too soon, also appears I am not quite as stupid as I thought.

Instead of waiting till today in the daylight I made an assumption again based on an initial observation.

Placed the bracket in position last night and the top section did sit further back,

although thought why is the bottom of the bracket sloping in opposite direction to the rear cross member.

Anyway made start trying to fit the near side bracket.

I then realised the holes where in the wrong orientation to the rear cross member holes, so had other bracket

in right position to start.

I don't know why this doesn't fit as easily expected unless there is a variant between the two vehicles.

If seats where originally fitted to a TD5 is the rear cross member design different to my 300 TDI?

I don't know if tub bodies vary either, the seats came off a std county spec mine is a basic hard top ?

Anyway back to the drawing board, got a plan in mind.

Starting by fitting seats and work back knowing the lower brackets position is correct. Just got to connect the

anchor bar to the lower support bar in such a way that the anchor doesn't foul the position of the seats.

Regards Ian

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Ah, don't think the rear cross member differ a huge amount, rear side facing seats should fit either vehicle, hardtop usually had the 2 man bench seats instead of the 4 individual seats, but pretty sure that makes no difference to the seatbelt bars/mounting legs.

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Finally got the anchor bar fitted on o/s with a bit of bodging.

Tidying up the inside of the tub today and noted 2 securing points near the bulk head. Only one is in use ?

Guessing it was originally a truck cab and a hard top was fitted.

That might be a clue.

I secured the bottom bracket to the box section using two larger holes. Then attached the anchor bar inside to the third hole on the bottom bracket.

It sits far enough back not to impact the fitting of the seats and is nice and secure.

Bar is the opposite way around from the photo.

I will upload a picture later today from my pc if I get a chance.

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