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Crankshaft for 2.5 N/A Diesel

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I checked on the engine at the rebuilders today and the journal edge for the #3 main bearing is quite worn.

I am now looking for a HRC 1308 crankshaft, or will look into having this one rebuilt. Not the news that I was hoping for.

I have sent off an email to Paddock Spares to see if they have the part. Do any of you fine folks have suggestions?

I read in one post that the ERR 1181 crank is the same, but would need strong confirmation.






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as the others have mentioned, it - ERR1181 is used in these engines had a trawl through the parts info I use.

2.5 petrol from chassis VIN 399928

2.5 n/a diesel from chassis 399928

2.5 TD from August 1989

all 200Tdi including Discovery variant

a option might be this crank ETC8829 fitted to 2.5 petrol & 2.5 n/a diesel up to chassis VIN 399927 & TD up to August 1989.

& any HRC number embossed on components is NOT a LR part number, just a blank unmachined part identity.

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I used Turner Engineering for parts for my 12J and 200Tdi, and more recently had them rebuild my 300Tdi (I wanted that specific engine rebuilt, not exchanged, for vehicle originality, and they were happy to oblige). I have also had plenty of advice from them over the phone. I rate them very highly.

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The engine rebuild is at a pause as I am waiting for one of the check valve bolts for a piston oiler. Are these a bit fragile when reinstalling?

Here are a couple of shots of the block and new pistons and the shiny new crankshaft. I had the exhaust manifold powder coated fir a bit of bling...before it gets muddy...



KIMG0025 resized.jpg

Coated Manifold.jpg


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