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rear wiper compatibility

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looking to install a rear wiper into my 110, found this one on ebay inc. loom but would it work with my landy? all the loom car side is inplace and works as far as im aware with a multimeter (loom ends behind the wiring cover to the side of the rear door and has the sort of round 4 pin connector on the end)

its a '91 200tdi 110

cant seem to paste a link to ebay but here is the product number: 291841410048

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my post 'another rear wiper story' http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=96820&hl=

I fitted a later 300tdi rear wiper motor, converted my existing loom to fit with parts from PaulMc on here.

here's the link to the ebay item number,


as it's all there, it can be made to fit

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Anything can be made to work. Mine has the rear wiper motor from a Subaru Justy on it. Just needed to change the seals where it passed through the door from angled to flat. Plus crimp on new electrical connectors. I guess only a LR one will be plug and play, but the motors and spindles are pretty generic. Get your tape out and tour the local scrappy if you want to save money :-)

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