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Which Steering Box?


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I have a 300Tdi 90 1995 "M" reg. Defender and as the title says, can some one tell me the part No. for the Steering Box please?

I know I need the X4 Bolt Right Hand Drive type and the make is Adwest but there seem to be so many models and it's not very clear as to which one for my LR, Heavyweight, light weight?

Plus any recommendations as to where to get a good recon from as there is no way I can afford a brand new job? I also know they do rebuild kits for them but would rather pay for a professional rebuild plus save me time as this is my daily drive.

Thanks all Andy

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Ok looks like we will be SAVING yet again for the "LR Repair Fund" and save for a NEW steering box as this seems to be the recommendation (which I can go with, if only for peace of mind).

Just need to know WHICH one (Part No.???) to save for now (Deep joy!!!).

Cheers Andy

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Adwest do recon as well as new, so they can be competitive while maintaining quality.  I wouldn't trust other recon units - all con and no re; they just clean and paint units from scrappers and maybe add a seal kit to exchange units (even where the shafts are worn or pitted).

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I would go around a breaker and look at the Defenders, Discovery Is and RRCs for a dry looking box with fluid in the reservoir (and no ports open to atmosphere) - at £50, it's worth a punt.  I got the steering box from a scrap Discovery for free when I bought the axles and brake system - can't go wrong with free, as long as you give it a good check over and test drive it at low speed in a safe area first.

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