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A question about MOT's and SORN


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Hi all

Just a quick question. My MOT is due at the end of the month and I know it's going to need some work which will mean having it off the road for a couple of weeks when the MOT expires. Do I have to SORN it until I get the MOT passed? It will still be TAX'd and insured and It won't be driven apart from taking it to the MOT station.


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you can actually get it mot'd before the time is due now and still preserve your original date (legally its still covered until the time runs out). that way you can carry on running it until you get the work done. if you have to take it off road the SORN is for Tax purposes so you will need to inform them if your tax runs out at the same time as the MOT but not necessarily for just the MOT

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I was under the impression that had gone, and the moment your vehicle fails an MOT, it is expired.

HOWEVER, seems like they have reviewed it, and updated again: 


So yes, even an MOT failure, if your old certificate is still valid, is OK on the road for normal use, and not just for repairs or a booked MOT test.

So as above, I would just get it tested and see what happens.





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15 minutes ago, Les Henson said:

The only problem you might have with driving a failed car home is construction and use regs, or some lights not working (brakes for example), bald tyres, etc.


In my case it's not going to be anything like that. It's only welding and stuff like that that needs to be done. The lights are fine, tyres are good, brakes are good too. It's all the carp that you don't see.

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