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Discovery 2, TD5, air conditioning leak


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Today I noticed a 'drip' from under my car about in line with the leading edge of the front doors.

It is neither oil nor engine coolant, which leads me to believe it is the a/c system leaking.

In addition, when the ventilation system is in Economy mode, ie with the a/c switched off, the leak stops.

I've just had the system re-gassed and a pressure test reported no leaks - whether the pressure test has burst the system at some point?

I need to get into / under the vehicle to try and determine exactly where the leak point is but, as a first stage, I wonder whether anyone has any similar experience and/or can give me an idea of how accessible the various components are?

Are any of the components up behind the dashboard, for example? And, if so, is a complete strip out required?

Help and advice of any sort would be very much appreciated at this early stage.







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Hi, If you get underneath and look up either side of the gearbox you'll see a pipe either side. These are the drain tubes for the aircon and have a drain valve in. Remove these to empty the tube and clear of debris. Be ready to get your arm wet!



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Those drain tubes are there to serve exactly that purpose. The air con produces a fair bit of condensation and it drains off via those tubes, it's absolutely nothing to worry about.


If you have an auto box though, it's well worth attaching an extended length of pipe to the passenger side drain though, they tend to soak the xyz switch and kill it in time.

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Very many thanks to you all for your most speedy and reassuring replies.

In mentioning 'the leading edge of the front doors' I was aiming to position where I was witnessing the drips, I should have added 'when viewed from the side of the vehicle'.

In fact, the position lines up pretty much exactly with the drain pipes to which bear referred and, in fact, drips from each side of the gearbox were evident and today I found the pipes.

I ran the a/c again and, whilst no condensate dripped out, the air through the vents inside the vehicle was pretty chilly - which would not have been the case should the system have drained empty due to a leak?

I am wondering if, because I've had the system regassed, the system is now very much more efficient (warm air through the vents was previously the norm) and much more condensate is being produced - sufficient to be noticed, whereas previously this was not the case.

So, fingers crossed that I'm not faced with the more serious problem that I anticipated - and, thank you all, again.  


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