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intermittent lose of power


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Hi everyone,

  I need a little advice, as I Know little about diesel engines.

 Last Thursday and this Tuesday whilst driving my 2000 td5 I had a sudden loss of power. I limped home (luckily only 10 minutes) The next morning on each occaision the car seemed fine. It has never happened before in my six months of ownership.

A mechanic  has driven it and said its the injectors, and it is probably only firing on four cylinders, Is this a likely answer or could it be something else. If it is injectors is this likely to be an expensive fix.

As I am not very mechanically minded so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Spiker



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Thanks for your speedy replies, I think I will try to get a second opinion from another mechanic. The first mechanic said the car was ok to drive. I went to work to day and it was only after I stopped on the way home to pick my girls up from school that it happened again. This time again only 5 mins from home.

I will try to get some diagnostics done, will it tell me exactly whats wrong if it is the injectors or harness?

If it was oil in the ecu, would it not be happening all the time?

Once again thanks for your help.


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Hi Spiker, have owned my Disc 2 TD5 for 13 years and it does as described, particularly when towing.  The loss of power is very short, just a momentary jerk.  I own a Nancom Evolution and I forget the error message but here's what it does, why it does it and how I fix it until the next time.  

When towing, the accelerator peddle is pressed to levels not normally reached.

The Nanocom error log reports a loss of signal from the accelerator.

I strongly suspect this is caused by a little dirty or corrosion on the accelerator peddle potentiometer.  When the peddle is pressed and the wiper passes over this area of the pot, a momentary loss of signal causes the jerking action.  Quickly moving the accelerator peddle restores power.

I read somewhere that the accelerator module is factory calibrated and sealed for life so I've not explored stripping it down to clean it.

I fix the problem by just sitting in the vehicle for 10 minutes and with the engine off, pump the accelerator through its full travel distance.  This has the effect of polishing the potentiometer surface and wiper and restores a good electrical connection throughout the full throttle range.  The problem goers away for a year or more.

Hope this no cost solution fixes your problem.



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Hi everyone,

I took my discovery to another mechanic this morning, he didn't think it was the injectors, instead he thought it was the MAFF and told me that when it next happens to disconnect the MAFF and if it solves the problem, job done.

I drove it around for most of the day trying to get it to do it again, nothing, it drove perfectly. Always the way isn't it.

I will keep on driving it until it happens again.


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