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RRC Central Locking


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Hi all, I've got an annoying problem with the central locking on my Softdash RRC I am hoping you guys/girls can help with.  When I unlock the Rangie (either with the blipper or the key) it immediately re-locks itself again, I've had to disconnect the wiring for the c/l acctuators and the lock microswitches so I can get into the car. The engine starts and I can drive it ok so disconnecting these things seems to have bypassed the alarm/immobiliser but as soon as I start the car the rear door locks activate themselves.  Has anyone had a similar problem, I know odd wiring problems can be a mare to diagnose so I thought I'd ask for advise before I start ripping the interior apart.




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I found this to be sticky mechanisms, making the doors think they were still in the locked position after unlocking, and therefore locking again.

Door cards off, clean and lube all the linkages, and refit, lube the door pin as well, with silicon spray/dashboard cleaner stuff, or furniture polish!

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As Bowie says, it sounds like a lock isn't opening correctly.  It could just need cleaning and lubricating, but the small lock springs become brittle and break, causing similar problems.  Look for a door lock plunger that needs to be held up by hand for the latch to be opened.  If you find such a lock, then its spring is almost certainly broken and it needs removing for the spring to be replaced.  LR don't sell the springs separately, but they will supply a new lock for £90 or more.  Ebay is your friend here - look for RRC/Discovery door lock springs (or just get a second hand lock from an all too common broken Discovery).  I have a guide on fixing the lock in the FAQ section of my blog; click my signature below to see it.

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How doors can think they are still locked is beyond me, anyway what you have is "bounce back" where the master actuator operating rod  isn't moving retracting or extending fully. 

Just a simple adjustment is required, so after you have removed the door card slightly loosen the four screws holding the actuators mounting plate and very slightly move the plate forward or backward pressing the fobs locking and unlocking buttons, u only have to move the plate a mm or two, when the position of the plate is correct and every thing is locking/unlocking via the fob  the four

Also give the actuator a quick splash of wd40 at the end of the operating arm and into the motor as the grease around the drive cog can hard.. Job done.

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Have a prob with the driver's door that I'm sure is just wear, but thought I'd ask here rather than start a new topic. I've just fitted a cheapo eblag central locking control unit and it works fine. The linkage in the door isn't playing ball though, there's resistance in it. It's enough resistance that even manually gripping the bar that would normally attach to the actuator with your hand [actuator removed], it's very difficult to operate the system.

You'll see I've white greased the linkage but it didn't make enough difference. Have a look at the vid...

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